Why Market Online?

Having an online presence is more important than ever - potential clients are increasingly using the web as a way to seek out law firms and lawyers. Even those that get referrals from friends or print directories will do their research online as a next step. Consumers want hassle free information that’s available at their fingertips, so they can make an informed decision quickly.

At FindLaw Canada, we know how to make online marketing work for law firms. With more than 12,000 legal FirmSites online, we have the experience and the teams required to build, update, and maintain the best website for your firm. 

Build a way to connect
and engage

Our solutions are designed to:

Create awareness through marketing that makes your firm the default destination for their needs.

Increase engagement through content that moves prospects to customers and fosters loyalty to your firm.

Convert prospects through targeting people at their time of need.

Create Awareness Increase Engagement Convert Prospects

Make yourself known to the consumer before they encounter a legal issue

FindLaw helps you increase the general awareness of your firm so when a consumer realizes they may have a problem, they'll turn to you.

FindLaw helps you create awareness through:

Create Awareness Increase Engagement Convert Prospects

Increase engagement with the consumer when they are looking for a solution.

Engage a consumer when they’re researching their issues and discover how passive contacts can turn into active business prospects.

FindLaw helps you increase engagement through multiple channels:

Create Awareness Increase Engagement Convert Prospects

Convert prospects at crucial moments in their decision making

When the consumer decides they need legal help, they might not have a lot of time to decide who to hire. If you establish a relationship ahead of time, this limited window of opportunity can work in your favour. You’ll have the lead on your competition and a better opportunity to convert a prospect into a client.

How FindLaw helps you convert prospects:

Create Awareness Increase Engagement Convert Prospects