White Papers | Lawyer marketing

Why Most Law Firm Websites are Designed to Fail
Your law firm marketing team may be concentrating efforts in the wrong places. The whitepaper “Why most law firm websites are designed to fail,” will encourage your team to shift priority onto optimization and conversion rates - rather than design and copy - so you can boost your websites performance.
Your Traffic Report is Lying to You
Your website traffic report can end up misleading your law firm marketing team. Find out what your analytics really mean in the Whitepaper "Your Traffic Report is Lying to You."
The Futility of Chasing Silver Bullets 
Are you delivering the best results for your law firm with your search terms? The white paper “The Futility of Chasing Silver Bullets” explores how to make a valuable impact on consumers with a more comprehensive marketing program.
Are you ignoring a third of your firm’s business potential?
Today, local and mobile search is the third largest source of web traffic for law firms. The white paper “Are you ignoring your firm’s business potential,” discusses the importance of local and mobile search and how law firms can market better to legal consumers.
Is your law firm’s intake process losing you clients?
Is your firm gaining leads but not new clients? The problem may lie in your intake process. Gain new insights and methods to improve your process with the white paper “Failing at the Finish Line”.
Is Your law firm intake process losing you clients?