Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization for your law firm web site

You can have the best designed, most elegantly written web site on the internet, but if nobody can find your site, then you might as well not have one at all. Effective search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to bringing online traffic to your web site and your firm. At FindLaw, we take this very seriously. 

Search engine marketing products 

At FindLaw, all of our web sites, videos and blogs incorporate web-search marketing strategies developed specifically for law firms. Our SEO consultants study and test legal marketing data fulltime in order to stay on top of the search tactics used by Google, Yahoo! and other top search engines. This data is used to create key search terms for your FindLaw product. 

For lawyers who wish to have a more in-depth search engine analysis, we also have advanced SEO products available like WebAdvantage Canada and Social Media Advance focused on building on your existing SEO strategies to increase awareness of your law firm online and outside of your web site, reputation management and increase traffic to your web site. 

FindLaw advantage? 

You may have heard about other web marketing companies that offer you online legal marketing optimization, so why choose

FindLaw ? 

  • If you are a first-time FirmSite subscriber, we put a one-page template on the web that uses your chosen domain name. This allows the search engines to index your domain even before your web site is live.

  • We customize our search engine optimization to reflect your firm's goals, practice areas and targeted geographic location.

  • We offer the opportunity for frequent consultations and you always have access to a team of SEO experts design, review, and update you’re your search marketing strategy to ensure optimal results even in the ever changing world of search engine optimization.

  • We offer yearly updates to your content and search engine marketing optimization, free of charge.