Website conversion rates should be your law firm’s top priority

With all the effort it takes to build and maintain your website, make sure you’re concentrating on the right tasks. Improving your conversion rates should be your number one concern and, if done properly, it will yield the best results for your law firm.

It’s common for law firms to fall into a habit of “what looks best?” or “do we sound professional?” instead of “how do we get potential clients to click through and contact us?” The Findlaw Whitepaper “Why most law firm websites are designed to fail,” will show you how to increase your business impact and where your law firm’s focus should be in order to gain better results from your website.

This whitepaper will explore conversion rates and what you can do to help motivate users to contact your law firm.

Eight motivational factors will be discussed, including a look at:

  • How to appeal to the emotional needs of consumers

  • Improving user experience of your website

  • Getting better results from your current website