Is your law firm’s intake process losing you clients?

Your law firm’s reputation, services, and website might be bringing in prospects but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll turn into clients. Many firms believe that if a prospect makes contact with them than that prospect is a done deal – this kind of thinking can lose a firm business.

So, what can your firm do differently? Ensure that your intake process isn’t being neglected.

Managing leads effectively and efficiently is essential to gaining new clients. Many firms fail at the intake process because of simple reasons. For instance, not responding quickly enough to voicemails, emails or calls – or neglecting a human touch when you do.

This white paper will illustrate what your firm stands to gain when more effort is applied to intake matters and what methods you can use to start improving this process today. Methods your firm can start practicing include:

  • Urgency – Legal consumers move quickly so your firm needs to act fast.

  • Empathy – Clients and prospects are real people with real concerns, act accordingly.

  • Data Collection – Knowledge of current clients can give you a better understanding of future prospects.

  • Tenacity – Don’t expect to get through on the first call, pursue your leads but don’t overwhelm them.