Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Law firms run the risk of failing to capitalize on valuable opportunities when they don’t adapt their marketing approach to evolving consumer behavior. Avoid this pitfall by viewing this session, where in about 30 minutes you will discover the latest trends amongst legal consumers. We will share five simple ways you can best match your marketing to your client's needs.

Session Highlights

  • Best ways to reach today's legal consumers
  • Impact of social media on your law firm marketing
  • How mobile and local search have changed the marketing landscape
  • Factors contributing to consumers contacting you
  • How legal consumers think and decide

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Davoud Salahi Rad

Digital Brand Strategist
FindLaw Canada

Davoud is Digital Brand Strategist at FindLaw Canada where he helps law firms create effective and profitable digital marketing strategies. He has a wealth of experience in digital marketing with a very strong understanding of search engine optimization, online conversion and lead generation.