Do high-ranking search terms deliver high impact?

Is digital marketing success based on high-ranking search terms? Many law firms believe that ranking at the top of search engine results is the top contributor to a steady flow of business. This notion isn’t entirely untrue but the full picture is a little more complicated.

Findlaw conducted a study which indicated that more than 87 percent of all web traffic to their customers’ law firm websites does in fact come from ranking in the top 1-10 positions on Google. 

The question is however; does your law firm really know what type of search term is best and is this element the only key to effective digital marketing? The whitepaper “The Futility of Chasing Silver Bullets,” explores the world of search terms and gives a comprehensive look at search performance so your law firm can understand how to market better. 

This whitepaper will give you a detailed look at:

  • Understanding how a consumer searches for a law firm
  • Identifying what type of search terms will give you the best results
  • Techniques that help you get the maximum ROI for your digital marketing budget