Law Firm Video Production

Videos are one of the fastest growing and well-received online marketing products. They offer a way for businesses to personally advertise their service, while providing significant search engine value. With a FindLaw custom video shot, your firm can be a part of this revolution. 

Why is having a video so important? 

Videos provide a great way for potential clients to get to know you and your firm on a more personal level. Instead of reading about why they should contact your law office, clients can hear it directly from the person they will work with to resolve their legal issue. 

In addition, video enhances the interactivity of your web site. This increases the chances that a potential client will stay on your site longer and click through to more information. The longer someone stays on your site, the higher the probability that he or she will contact you for legal services and counsel. 

FindLaw statistics show that more than 50 percent of consumers indicate that video increases the likelihood they will contact a lawyer. 

Other benefits of having a video on your web site include: 

  • Increased exposure and visibility across the web
  • Increased search engine optimization value
  • Expanded opportunity to show your firm's profile and services
  • Helps capture your firm's unique brand

FindLaw video products 

At FindLaw, we offer a variety of video products to meet your legal marketing needs, while keeping within your budget. All of our custom videos are shot by a professional video crew and include action shots of you, your office and staff. They are effectively optimized for the search engines, giving you greater visibility on the web. 

Our primary products are: 

  • Video starter: Includes a half-day video shoot with 2 minutes of completed video
  • Video essential: Includes a full day video shoot with up to 4 minutes of finished video
  • Video brings your practice to life online - contact us to learn how>>