Why Your Firm Needs to Take Advantage of Facebook

Why Your Firm Needs to Take Advantage of Facebook


Why Your Firm Needs to Take Advantage of Facebook


Facebook is not just for sharing pictures of your kids or commenting on someone’s post about the weather. It’s an incredible channel for sharing your law firm’s marketing message and targeting a very specific audience. Facebook is the leading social platform in terms of custom targeting and it’s surprisingly affordable.


You can ensure your message is targeting the right audience by customizing your ad by age, occupation, location and interests. According to FindLaw U.S data, based on a review of thousands of law firm accounts, the average cost to get a message to 1,000 targeted users falls between $10 and $15 U.S dollars.


So where to begin? Below are three tips to consider before getting started:


  1. What message do you really want your audience to hear? You don’t want to promote every message you post, so carefully select what you want them to see. What are the key messages about you as a firm? Map those out and use them.


  1. Who is your ideal client? Consider their age range, income level and location. Clients are usually after a local lawyer, so narrow your audience accordingly.


  1. How often are you posting? Your target audience will likely stay the same, so make sure you’re putting out variations of your message. Don’t let your audience see the same ad over and over.


It’s not likely that Facebook will keep things so targeted and so inexpensive. So take advantage while you can. Learn more social sharing tips in the article “3 Essential Factors for Gaining Value From Social Media.”