The Value of Facebook

The Value of Facebook's Paid Social Media

The Value of Facebook's PAID Social Media

You might wonder – “Why would I pay for advertising when I could do it for free?” Well, just take a look below to see what you stand to gain from Facebook’s PAID social media. Currently, Facebook is the most potent platform for social media advertising. However, it has begun to rapidly de-prioritize the presence of business page content when it is posted organically.

Paid social media is the intelligent answer to this emerging pattern. With minimal financial investment, your firm can target clients with the instant precision that voluntary ``social`` information provides.

Here`s how:


More than half of the Canadian population uses Facebook*. Facebook users have already shared information that is pertinent to the search for a lawyer or legal advice, without having to engage in an external search online. In other words, you can find clients before they’ve even started to look for you.


Facebook users’ location, interests and search patterns are instantly available to advertisers - not to mention any information users have shared about a legal issue they’ve encountered, or the need to hire a lawyer.

The rates for this access are astronomically low as compared to other advertising methods. You can reach up to 1,000 targeted users for as little as $10-$15.


Compared to traditional advertising methods like billboards and bus ads, Facebook will only target users that are veritable client prospects. Facebook enables you with an intelligent way to precisely target audiences that need legal services.


You create the content, pay a minimal fee, and Facebook finds the audience. By purchasing paid social media, your decisions are at the forefront of your marketing campaign.Those empowering decisions also come at a relatively low price. It’s time to make your move, read our White Paper to learn more about how and why you should be embracing PAID social media today.

• The White Paper Uses a US Statistic – Here is a Canadian Source -