Spruce up your law firm’s online marketing

Spruce up your law firm’s online marketing

Spruce up your law firm’s online marketing

Your website is up and running, you’re also using social media and creating content on a regular basis. You’ve given yourself a great foundation for your online marketing – however – it could be time for some sprucing up.

You’ve got a hundred different tasks to do in a day but it’s always a good idea to routinely review your online marketing channels.

Your website

What phone number are you using in your online marketing? If it’s your local number, it’s time to switch to a designated call-tracking phone number. Why? So you can keep tabs on how a prospect found you and gauge what channels are working best.

Is your website design holding up to when you first got it? It might be time for a little refresh – see where your website stands and get a free website audit from us.

Your blog

Content on your website that is more than 3-4 years old is likely not getting picked up by search engines anymore. If you’ve got a large archive of old blog posts, it might be time to clean house. If you think the content is old but still relevant, take some time to update it, it’ll be more efficient than writing new copy entirely.

Your social accounts

Chances are you’re using one of your social accounts more than another. You may have jumped the gun when you opened an account for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. So, take a moment to review which account you use the most, how you’re using and try to focus in on making that one great.

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