Increase Your Online Visibility with Integrated Marketing

Increase Your Online Visibility with Integrated Marketing

Increase your online visibility with integrated marketing

Having an integrated marketing strategy is pivotal to ensuring a successful online presence for your law firm. To start, you need to be clear on your business goals, what your brand really means and who your exact audience is. When you have clarity in these areas, then you’re ready to focus on your tactics below:

1. Your Website

Your website needs to engage your prospects and clients. Which means it’s user-friendly and your message resonates with your target audience. User-friendly means you’ve thought about the design (mobile and desktop), clear navigation, SEO (so you’re found on search engines) and a cutting edge design. You also need a clear content strategy – what message do you want to get across to prospects? Are you communicating your expertise and how you’ve helped clients in the past?

2. Your Blog

Your blog reflects your expertise in your practice area and shows prospects why they should trust and choose you. If someone lands on your website you want them to engage with your content – a blog is a great way to do so. Not only does it engage prospects but it keeps your website current and fresh, which is great for your search engine rankings.

3. Mobile friendly

If your website isn’t mobile friendly there’s a good chance you’ll lose prospects. Clients are more likely to search for you on your phones, so having your website optimized for mobile just make sense. Clients who do search for you using a mobile device are known to be more-action oriented. Don’t let someone reach your website only to struggle to find the information they’re looking for. Make this a must on your list.

4. Local SEO

It’s important that you’re listing your business on multiple online directories, along with a Google business listing. Ensure that your business is listed correctly and consistently on these websites, so you’re appearing the same way in searches. As well, don’t forget to include your location in your home page title and meta description.

5. Social Media

Having a social media presence plays a large factor in a prospects decision making. It plays a number of roles in increasing your client in-take. Social media allows you to build awareness of your firm, encourages prospects to engage with you (ask questions), reaches an audience outside of your usual networks and increases overall traffic to your website.

6. Google Adwords

As a part of your marketing strategy, you should be budgeting for Google Adword campaigns. Your ads should be directed to a well-designed landing page, with a clear call to action. Monitor your ads on an ongoing basis to identify which ads and keywords are working. Try a variety of ads – search, display and remarketing to see what works best.