Four Qualities that Make Social Appealing to Clients

Four Qualities that Make Social Appealing to Clients

Four Qualities that make social appealing to clients

Your clients want a human touch. Social allows you to show you and your firm’s human side before you ever connect with a client in person. Below are four reasons why social is so appealing to a prospective client:

1. Interactivity

Your prospective clients want to feel like they can connect with you at any time. Engaging with them on social channels shows that you’re ready and willing to discuss their legal issue. No, they might not ask you outright what they should do but if you’re posting content that they find valuable, it can be a great way to establish trust before you they connect with you.

2. Informality

When you share on social channels like Twitter and Facebook, you’ll want to use a conversational tone. Avoid posting a bunch of legal jargon that laymen’s won’t understand. Yes, you may want to show colleagues or competitor’s that you’re an expert but find a way to do it so that your clients can relate to what you’re saying. They’ll be more likely to engage with you and your posts.

3. Immediacy

When clients tweet @yourlawfirm or post on your wall, they expect you to get back to them almost right away. Yes, this can seem intimidating but if you stay on top of your social channels and respond to questions, they’ll see that you’re present and ready to help.

4. Permanence

When you post on social, you’re posting to the world and it can be permanent. This can also be a scary thought but it shows that you’re holding yourself accountable for what you say. When you hold yourself accountable, you’ll gain trust from your clients.

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