Is Your Law Firm’s Website Hitting the Mark?

Is Your Law Firm’s Website Hitting the Mark?

Is Your Law Firm’s Website Hitting the Mark?

Don’t overlook the importance of keeping your law firm’s website up-to-date. If you’re trying to find new clients, you should understand the importance of not only maintaining but regularly updating your law firm’s website. As good practice you should make sure it has the following:

Optimized for mobile

Is your site mobile friendly? It needs to be. We can’t stress the importance of having your site designed for mobile use. The FindLaw U.S Consumer Legal Needs Survey, showed that more than half of legal consumers use a mobile device (smartphone, tablets etc.) to find a lawyer. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, there’s a very good chance that a prospect will click onto a competitors site that has been designed for mobile.

High-quality images

You can’t get away with poor quality or broken images on your site. Consumers have come to expect pictures that are clear and high quality. As well, you need to make sure that the images represent your firm – whether that be a photo of your staff or the city you work in – find something that shows who you are.

A positive user experience

Consumers have come to expect a lot from websites. Creating a dynamic and intuitive website is key to success. Make sure you have a contact page that is clear and provides all the basic info a prospect needs to get in touch with you. Your site should also be visually appealing, which means nice photos and graphics, clear text and formatting etc. As well, content on your website and blog posts should be short, punchy and to-the point.

Is your copy geared towards you or the consumer?

When you create content for your site, make sure it speaks more to the consumer than it does to you or a competitor. It’s easy to throw in legal jargon and achievements but those don’t necessarily translate for the consumer. You want to entice the prospect in your lawyer bio to contact you. So speak to them in a way that helps them understand who you are, why you’re an expert and how you can help them.

Your law firm website is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. However, just because you have a website doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective. You need to keep things current in order to satisfy your prospect. To see how Findlaw can help you enhance your website and digital marketing, connect with us today.