Are you really listening to your clients?

Are you really listening to your clients?

Are you really listening to your clients?

Legal consumers are indeed looking for help – so it might be easy to assume that they “need” your services. It’s true they are looking for help but they don’t necessarily need yours. There are countless options for a prospect to turn to, so assuming that you’re essential could end up leaving you behind. You need to stand above your competitors with every interaction.

There are three major stages of a client relationship and you need to pay special attention to all of them. See below:

1. The courtship stage

A prospect has reached out to – don’t take it for granted. When they tell you their story pay attention and answer their questions with compassion and understanding. Showing that you’re there to listen and help will go a long way in closing the deal. Remember, if they don’t feel like you care about their situation, they have no reason to stick around.

2. While they’re clients

When a prospect becomes a client it might not be top of mind to pay attention to everything they say. It’s easy to answer questions but if they’re making statements and you’re not listening you could be missing something. Your intake process is still crucial at this stage – make sure they’re able to get a hold of you and you’re using a human touch at all interactions.

3. After the case is closed

Online reviews do make a big difference to a prospect’s decision making. Having client testimonials visible is becoming a necessity. They are a fully developed resource that consumers use – and this is no exception for legal. Encourage clients to leave a review and make it easy for them.