Three Tips to Help Market Your Solo Firm

Three tips to help market your solo firm

As a solo practitioner you’re pulled in a hundred different directions. You have cases to manage, paperwork and billing that needs to be done, and marketing for your firm.

The internet has made it easier to market your firm, but doing it well is a whole other story. Trying to manage your firm while posting to social media, optimizing your website, running pay-per-click campaigns, writing blogs (the list goes on) can be daunting to think about. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed; see tips below for managing your digital marketing:

Don’t give up before you’ve started

Yes, your firm is small but you’re not alone. Most other small and solo firms are in the same position. What will set you apart is if you choose to give your digital marketing a real chance and tackle tactics like creating a blog and posting on social media. Getting educated on where to begin and basic concepts are available at your fingertips.

Figure out your routine

You know this already, your solo or small firm’s success is based on consistently performing at a high level. Routine is essential to helping you execute and run efficiently on a daily basis. Start making digital marketing part of your routine. Set time aside each week to write a quick blog post, share on social and reply to anyone who may have commented on your posts. Like any routine, it takes a bit of time to get adjusted to it. In the beginning it can help to set reminders for yourself, then in no time digital marketing will just be another check on your list of to-dos.

Know when to delegate

You may be reading this article and simply think, there is no time to do all of this by myself. Start with the essentials – write a blog post that prospects and clients will find helpful. If you need a helping hand to optimize the content, share it on social and promote it with PPC ads - why not choose an expert? Yes, you can try to do everything yourself or keep it within your firm but it’s possible that you won’t see the results your hoping for or you’ll end up spending money in the wrong places. A skilled vendor who has legal marketing experience can help you keep tasks manageable and ensure that the right legal consumers are reaching you.

For more digital marketing tips read 7 Strategies for Finding More Clients or to talk to a legal marketing expert connect with us today.